Inclusive Company Practices That Boost Morale and Productivity

August 1, 2022

Inclusivity can seem like a convoluted or overused word in the modern workplace. However, its meaning is simple and powerful: the act of making all people feel seen, heard, and valued.

As a business leader, this is not simply a useful tactic to foster loyalty, but rather a necessity to adequately compensate your teammates for the effort and ingenuity they exhibit on a daily basis. Your employees are your most important business asset – inclusivity is about demonstrating to them that you understand that truth.

When it comes to inclusive company culture, it’s time to cut through the ambiguity and unveil concrete strategy. Thankfully, there are several simple and effective initiatives that will help foster workplace inclusivity and boost productivity at your firm.

1. Start from the Top

Any initiative with hopes of taking hold at a firm is dependent on the leadership buying in. In the realm of workplace inclusivity, developing sustainable company practices starts with developing a plan for how the management team will embody and promote inclusivity on a daily basis.

On the macro side, consider addressing the firm’s core values and guiding principles to reflect a renewed emphasis on inclusive company practices. Allowing this overarching commitment to permeate to the micro-level is natural and essential as well. In daily meetings, performance evaluations, and quarter-end recaps, use language that reflects a healthy respect and awareness of inclusivity. Getting leadership onboard with listening to all voices present and being tolerant of various opinions will go a long way.

2. Prioritize Environment

Environment design is part and parcel with the effectiveness and productivity of your team. Use this fact to your advantage by optimizing your workplace with inclusive measures that will promote positive feelings and productive habits.

Clean spaces with lots of natural light, comfortable seating, drink and snack stations, high-quality construction materials, cutting edge technology, and individualized restrooms are a few examples of simple but effective improvements. Along with creating a more enjoyable place to work, these adjustments breed a sense of positive morale. Demonstrate a dedication to workplace inclusivity by crafting an environment that is comfortable for everyone.

Along with the physical, make a concerted effort to foster a conceptual environment that makes your employees feel heard and included. Encourage personal conversations about nonwork-related matters when appropriate, such as during happy hour or team bonding events. Get to know your employees on an individual basis and ensure they feel as valued as they truly are.

3. Invest in Inclusive Hiring Practices

In order to maintain a consistent level of workplace inclusivity going forward, investing in inclusive hiring practices is key. Establishing a dedicated diversity and inclusion coordinator is a useful first step if you don’t currently have one. Brief your hiring team and managers to prioritize merit during the hiring process and remain open to differing backgrounds and experiences. Hiring a diverse team will help promote an inclusive company culture in the years to come, and will help ensure issues such as favoritism towards highly-connected candidates and those from the “right” schools don’t always win out.

If you need assistance building out an inclusive-minded hiring team, consult your executive search partner to source a qualified human resources candidate.

4. Establish a Framework – Follow Through

After the foundation of inclusivity has been built through a concentration from management, the proper environment, and a sustainable hiring pipeline, you must equip your business with concrete resources to maintain an inclusive company culture. Make sure your human resources team is trained on how to handle difficult and personal conversations, and make all your employees aware that they are a safe and available resource.

Installing programs for women and minorities to network and share ideas is also an excellent way to foster workplace inclusivity. Ensuring every member of your firm has the right framework to lean into their career and access useful resources is a necessary follow-through of your overarching commitment to inclusivity. This will boost morale, productivity, and a general sense of satisfaction for your team.

Craft the Company Culture Your Employees Deserve

With the right tools and the right partners, you can set up your firm for success. The executive search team at Pinnacle specializes in sourcing the most sought-after finance and accounting talent Pittsburgh has to offer. We will work alongside you to understand your unique business goals and values, developing a long-term plan for sustainable hiring going forward. And inclusive company culture starts with an intentional focus on who you are bringing onboard – and that’s where we can help.

Our comprehensive executive search process will help ensure a lasting, mutually beneficial fit between your firm and your candidates. We will put your business first, from start to finish. Contact us today to start moving in the right direction.

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