3 Signs of a Positive Work Environment

July 21, 2021

There are multiple factors to consider when applying to what could potentially be your next permanent or temporary job placement. You may consider the commute, the role’s duties, and the benefits package before accepting a job offer. In addition, you should make sure not to overlook a company’s work environment. A positive work environment enhances teamwork, improves morale, and leads to greater job satisfaction. Before you accept a job offer, be sure you are confident that your new company has a positive workplace environment. We’ve highlighted three key signs a company, no matter what industry, has created a positive work environment

1. Collaboration Is Valued

No matter what industry you work in, collaboration is a driving force that brings people together. Collaboration allows you and your coworkers to share knowledge while working efficiently and effectively. Not only does collaboration encourage you and the team to create work that you’re proud of, it also creates opportunities for work to be evenly distributed amongst the team. Working in an environment that values collaboration will make your load lighter. A positive work environment will increase efficiency in your role and productivity among the company as a whole, which ultimately benefits everyone. Make sure the company values collaboration to make your job easier, more enjoyable, and to promote overall success.

2. Transparency Creates Trust

Having a pulse on the inner workings of the company allows employees at all levels to feel like they are truly part of the team. Even if this position is a temporary job placement, you want to feel valued and seen. When working with companies that value transparency, there are no surprises or hidden agendas. Having background knowledge of the business goals and overall direction of a company allows you as an employee to focus on what matters most to you, as you will have a clear understanding of the direction of the company. 

Transparency should be a regular focus of the leadership team. If an employer values transparency, they will want you as a potential employee to value it in your own work as well. This quality is something that you can speak to in interviews for permanent or temporary job placements. Make a point to highlight how you are transparent with colleagues and encourage others to put their best foot forward each and every day.

3. Professional Growth Is Prioritized

No matter what stage of your career, ask questions to see how the company plans to support you as a professional as you progress in your career. Accounting and finance professionals need to complete CPE credits to maintain various designations, but professional growth goes beyond credentials. Informal professional development opportunities could include mentorship programs. Lunch and learns with industry experts and networking events to meet others within accounting and finance also serve as career growth opportunities. Companies that prioritize professional growth and development create happier and more successful employees. 

Partner with Pinnacle to Discover a Positive Work Environment

Experienced recruiters filter out potential positions based on factors that matter the most to you, including a company’s work environment. Our team of recruiters match candidates with the work environment that best fits their career goals and trajectory. Whether you are looking for a contract position or permanent placement in accounting and finance, or IT, our team is ready to help you find – and land – your dream role. To learn more, please contact us at www.paf-resources.com.

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