Leading by Example: The Importance of Ethical Leadership

June 1, 2022

Leadership, especially ethical leadership, matters. Having conducted hundreds of executive searches in the Pittsburgh area, we know that leaders play a pivotal role in the nature, culture, and ultimately, performance of an organization.

Thousands of books, podcasts, and seminars exist to help foster certain kinds of leadership; adjectives that come to mind include strong, decisive, compassionate, and charismatic, among others. These characteristics are all good in and of themselves. But leaders that stand the test of time, inspire others, and have glowing reviews from their employees have one thing in common: they are ethical.

Ethical leadership – doing things “right” by adhering to firm moral principles of integrity and justice – helps pave the way for a company to flourish from the inside out. Here are 4 reasons why.

It Creates a Better Place to Work

When decisions are made based on what is right instead of simply what is profitable, that line of thinking permeates into the daily activities of the business. When internal communications as well as conferences with clients are saturated with an attitude of pursuing the moral good, the overall mood will be more positive. Your employees will feel more confident and satisfied coming into work each day, and your company culture will thrive. Furthermore, next time you conduct an executive search, being able to pride yourself on being ethically focused leaders will score you points with candidates.

It Helps People Perform Better

When people are taken care of and respect their leaders, they do better work. Leading from a place of ethicality will give your team the opportunity to lean into their responsibilities. They will understand that their employer has their best interests in mind, and they can more confidently fulfill their duties. People who make their living by intentionally swindling and deceiving others will eventually reap what they sow – and they will have a much harder time inspiring others to follow them. Lead ethically, and the results will generally take care of themselves.

It Promotes Loyalty

Searching for jobs in a market like Pittsburgh can be tough, but the “Great Resignation” has nonetheless reared its head over the past several years. Any measure that business leaders can take to help promote loyalty to the company banner can make a huge difference in retention.

When employees see that their managers and supervisors put an emphasis on integrity in the leadership process, it makes them more likely to stay put. People want to work for leaders they can trust and believe in.

It Equips the Next Generation of Leaders

As your company grows and develops, new faces will rise through the ranks to become leaders. These very leaders might be around you at this very moment, waiting to be pruned and influenced. What qualities do you hope to instill in the next generation of leadership? Whether you have meditated on this question or not, you have already been leading by example.

If you are interested in the long-term health of your company, making a concerted effort to lead with ethicality is an initiative that will hopefully outlive your tenure. We have the ability to influence others and affect change long after we move on, so take that responsibility seriously.

Find Your Next Executive or Job in Pittsburgh

Leaderhip, especially ethical leadership, is more important than ever. Establishing a strong leadership pipeline shouldn’t be left to chance. At Pinnacle, we specialize in sourcing the most qualified executives and job positions Pittsburgh has to offer. Our comprehensive executive search process will help ensure a lasting fit between client and candidate. We will put you first, from start to finish. Contact us today to start moving in the right direction. More hiring insights can be found in our blog.

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