Employee Spotlight: Mark Fazio

September 5, 2023

“I’ve always enjoyed helping people, and that is initially what attracted me to the recruiting industry.”

Mark Fazio, Director of Client Services at Pinnacle, is a people-person. His strengths lie in understanding the needs of others and his desire to make a difference through the work he does. 

“I still appreciate the fact that every day that I wake up I have the opportunity to help people,” Fazio said. “To me that is pretty cool and something that I’ll never take for granted.” 

Mark’s past experience in sales gives him a solid foundation of working to solve problems with a personal approach. He is able to see the bigger picture and find solutions that speak to the main concern, rather than waste time offering unnecessary services. Mark adds value to clients and candidates by listening to their needs and understanding their goals. 

To do so, he has to wear a lot of hats. “We all do,” he noted. “I could be focused almost exclusively on coaching one day and then deep into a search to find qualified candidates the next. I love it. It helps to keep me sharp in all aspects of the business and certainly keeps the work fresh and exciting.”

Taking a flexible approach, Mark is able to better understand the clients’ needs and what they’re really looking for during the partnership. Whether it is a remote or hybrid workplace, growth opportunities, culture, leadership qualities, future of the organization or anything else, Mark prides himself in helping candidates and clients achieve their goals by providing tangible value through every interaction. 

“We strive to place top talent in jobs that they love,” said Mark. “In doing so, we want to serve our clients in a manner that helps them to achieve their initiatives. When we do this, we are, in turn, achieving our own goals.”

Looking toward the future, Mark is dedicated to building and growing a highly productive IT staffing team. Pinnacle’s newest arm of the organization is already making strides in becoming another successful aspect of the firm’s offerings and daily operations. That is because of the well-established processes and people put in place to drive success, led in part by Mark himself. 

“Your reputation is everything in this business,” he said. “I have a few cheesy quotes that I’m known to use from time to time. One is that ‘Open and honest communication solves a lot of problems.’ When you operate with integrity, professionalism and honesty you can’t go wrong. Work ethic will serve you well when concerned with keeping pace.”

In order to keep up with the ever evolving technology industry and to maintain Pinnacle’s established reputation in the market, Mark and his team are conducting a lot of research to stay on top of trends and to be relevant in discussions with clients and candidates. He knows how fast the world can change, and how oftentimes, clients and candidates themselves are sometimes the best source of information regarding IT trends. Their daily exposure to the industry helps them explain the information to Mark and his team to help feed their curiosity and drive their success. 

Pinnacle’s Director of Client Services Mark Fazio found himself in a role that plays to his strengths of connecting with others, listening to their needs and helping them achieve their goals. 

Mark put it simply: “I get to help people. That could mean clients, candidates or my internal teammates.  It does not matter. I am grateful that I get the opportunity to serve others.”  

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