7 Questions to Ask in Finding the Right Consultant

November 23, 2021

As your business grows and expands, it is natural to bring in consultants for certain projects. Someone with subject matter expertise can help your business immensely by providing much-needed insights in the event of a niche client request or a short-term project.

However, finding this individual and smoothly handling their onboarding is an entirely different undertaking. It involves comprehensive market canvassing, evaluation, and most importantly, time. And at the end of that process, you need to have hired the right person. How exactly can you ensure that this happens?

Start by answering some key questions.

1.What are the skills required for the role?

Before you can hire someone to perform a job duty, you need to clearly and concisely describe that duty. What is the exact function that this consultant will perform, and what skills will they need in order to execute that function? What soft skills will be most important to their success? Write the answers to these questions down and share them with your hiring managers.

2. What types of candidates will succeed in our culture?

Every firm is unique, and you should look for a consultant that can integrate seamlessly into your firm’s culture. Be cognizant of the values your team holds dear and operates under, and try to define which type of candidate could best succeed in that environment.

3. How will the consultant engage with the current team?

Some consultancy arrangements are effectively new additions to the team – the individual works alongside the firm’s other employees, has lunch with them, engages in team bonding events, etc. In other cases, the consultant operates remotely or from a private office, intentionally maintaining a healthy distance from the existing dynamics of the team in order to focus more intently on the project at hand. Which scenario suits your team?

4. What is the length of the project?

Have a clear goal in mind as to how you would like the project or initiative to progress. If your ideal timeline is three months, this already eliminates a sizable pool of consultants who work more effectively on longer-term projects. Identifying the nature and timing of the business venture will help narrow your search.

5. Could this position develop into a full-time hire?

It is not uncommon for consultants who perform well to be offered full-time positions at the conclusion of the project they were hired to manage. If your contractor executes their job dutifully and excellently, does your business have the capacity (or interest) to hire another full-time team member? Consider whether this individual’s skills would be of significant use to your team going forward.

6. Where can I find the best candidates?

Unfortunately, not all candidates can be found using the same search methods. Not every applicant will have a LinkedIn profile, and every user will have different preferences when it comes to monitoring online job boards. Furthermore, some of the best candidates are not actively searching for work since they are gainfully employed, but they could be open to an attractive new position, were it presented to them. This is why working with a professional recruiter is vital to your search.

Recruitment professionals specialize in sourcing candidates from all possible avenues, and they maintain active networks of potential applicants that might fit future roles. Working with the right recruiter opens your business to a huge swath of candidates that you likely would not find on your own.

7. How can I vet candidates while running my business?

Attempting to manage the hiring process while working full-time can lead to lackluster results. Instead, focus on your specialty, and let the professionals at Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment take on the responsibility of sourcing and vetting your candidates. We have a tried and true process for making sure each potential hire has the skills and experience necessary to thrive in their role – saving you time and headaches down the line.

Partner with Pinnacle

Finding, vetting, and hiring the right consultant for your firm is clearly a complex endeavor. The professional recruiters at Pinnacle Accounting & Finance can simplify this process so you can focus on making your business succeed. We specialize in matching qualified candidates with proven track records with firms where they can make a positive impact. Let us simplify the process and help you strive towards a better future today. To learn more, please contact us at 412-343-6300 or pinnacle-cr.com.

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