The State of the Remote Job Market

December 21, 2023

The job market has changed: the pandemic made it clear that “business as usual” was about to be redefined.

We can clearly see the biggest change that arose was that with remote-capable roles, the option to do so should remain available to employees. In fact, according to a Gallup poll, 80% of all remote-capable employees want either a hybrid or fully remote position. However, this request has seen some pushback from employers as time goes on. Let’s take a look at the remote job market.

Pittsburgh’s Job Market is Back

The job market has seen a strong rebound over the past few years. While that rebound led to some spectacular numbers in the job market, it has recently cooled by comparison. Historically this would be cause for concern, however these are still atypical times. 

Pittsburgh has had an interesting rebound. At the top of 2023, the city had only seen a recovery of 97% of pre-pandemic levels. However, business and professional services – among other sectors – had already fully regained the losses from 2020. It is expected that by 2024 that the local market will have fully recovered across all industries.

Who Holds the Leverage for Remote Work?

With a respectable job market expected at the top of the year, there are plenty of opportunities out there. The question is if workers still hold enough leverage to negotiate hybrid or fully-remote work. While there are some indicators that employers have become more reluctant to offer either arrangement, the demand has not subsided. 

With the knowledge that they are just as productive working remotely as they are from the office, workers are prepared to force the issue with potential employers. In turn, employers may have to decide whether it is better to hire the right person for the role or hire someone who is willing to commit to being in the office five days a week.

Which Way Will the Remote Job Market Tip?

Remote work is at a tipping point. The demand is higher than ever and there are proven ways to ensure that quality work is completed no matter where the employee is located. On the other hand, employers have expressed concerns regarding company culture that extend beyond whether or not the assigned work is being completed. 

Organizations have too much invested in their corporate campuses to permanently pivot to a fully remote office. While there is a chance that companies will continue to offer hybrid flexibility as a compromise, it will take the perfect combination of knowledge and expertise to negotiate a remote work arrangement.

Discover Remote, Hybrid or In-Office Opportunities

Whether you believe you have the proven track record needed to negotiate your dream remote role or you are excited by the feeling of walking into the office everyday, we’re here to help find the right role for you.

Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment is proud to bring the absolute best finance and accounting talent to the Pittsburgh area. If you are ready to begin a new chapter in your career, reach out today.

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