Bri Roark-Chieffalo

Senior Manager of Recruitment & Client Services

Meet Bri

With nearly a decade of Direct Hire recruiting experience, Bri Roark Chieffalo has grown into a Senior Manager of Recruitment and Client Services. Bri uses her past experience in the Big 4 to help fellow accounting and finance professionals manage career advancement opportunities or simply become happier in their careers. She focuses on transitions from public to corporate accounting and building relationships with candidates and clients to understand what they need to flourish both personally and professionally in their next role and/or opening.

Bri also works in Pinnacle's Public Accounting Recruiting Consortium (PARC) division, where she leads university relations and client services. Her tenure at EY laid the foundation for her deep understanding of the accounting world, driving her to create opportunities she wishes had been available to her in college. Bri passionately believes in offering alternative career perspectives to the Big 4, educating both college students and those already within public accounting about the diverse paths in the industry.

Bri's dedication to the field is complemented by her roles within the Institute of Internal Auditors and the Duquesne Accounting Mentorship Program, though her primary focus remains on her impactful work within Pinnacle.

Outside the office, Bri is a lover of all things personalization and organization, fitness, spending quality time with family and relaxing with her husband and high school sweetheart, Patrick, and their dog, Roscoe.