Promotions of Bri Roark and Reese DiFulvio

March 13, 2019


We are so excited to announce the promotions of Bri Roark and Reese DiFulvio. These women are major assets to Pinnacle and we look forward to seeing them in their new roles.

Bri Roark – Promoted to Senior Associate

Bri is all about personalization–and it shows! If you look at her notebooks, mugs, and even shoes they often have her initials engraved in them. This speaks mountains about Bri and her relationship with candidates and consultants. She is a team player who takes a personal approach with every position that crosses her desk. Brianne’s genuine care for every person is a key value that has made her so successful at Pinnacle, and will continue to help her grow as a leader within our organization.

Reese DiFulvio – Promoted to Senior Associate

Theresa thrives on helping people achieve their dream career. During her time at Pinnacle, Theresa has shown that she is not afraid to challenge herself to go above and beyond for every open position. Helping people and working tirelessly to identify the right opportunities for accounting and finance professionals is why Theresa has excelled at Pinnacle. As she moves forward into as Senior Associate position, Theresa will continue to focus her efforts on the great people she works with every day.
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