Pinnacle Success Story: The Benefits of Becoming an Executive Consultant

May 17, 2017

Developing a Portfolio Career

The Benefits of Becoming an Executive Consultant As You Search for a Full-time Accounting & Finance Position

Employment Type: Contract & Consulting
Let’s face it. In today’s market, corporate restructurings are a daily occurrence. When you have been with a company for five years, at the later stages of your career, and working at an executive level, being ‘laid off’ can be not only frustrating, but humiliating. Not only do you have to search for a new job, you are fighting to demonstrate how effective your technical skillset is in a market of younger applicants who claim they can do your job and do so at a fraction of the cost (truly undercutting both your worth and even their own worth if they can actually complete the job).
Pinnace recently worked with a Corporate Controller for a large manufacturing company west of Pittsburgh who unfortunately experienced this exact situation. As unemployment neared an end and their job search seemed ‘hopeless’ – okay… we are being melodramatic but it truly does feel this way sometimes and we complete get it, because we too get frustrated when we cannot find the perfect opportunity for you – , this individual  reached out to Pinnacle seeking assistance. Although hesitant at first, we proposed trying a consulting role. Not only would this provide an opportunity to bring home a steady income, it also fills work gaps on your resume thereby demonstrating a commitment to working. We were quickly able to place them at a great company and this individual quickly changed their mind regarding the effectiveness of consulting engagements. Although they continue to search for their ‘long term’ home, they found a great role to move forward with their career.
If you are interested in learning how to effectively manage a portfolio career, check out this article recently published by Harvard Business Review: How to Launch A Successful Portfolio Career

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