Pinnacle Success Story: Replacing the Irreplaceable

June 19, 2017

Replacing the Irreplaceable

Creating Fluid Transitions in Executive Management when Unexpected Departures Occur

Employment Type: Contract & Consulting

Losing a key member of your executive team is stressful for any organization. Not only are you losing years of knowledge, there is a risk of experiencing major delays in key business processes that keep your company operating. Time is of the essence when a crucial member of your leadership team leaves unexpectedly. Here’s how Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment’s Contract and Consulting services helped one client with mitigating the risks associated with an unexpected departure.

Last month, a small, privately held manufacturing client sadly learned they would be losing the senior-most finance leader on their team. Although the individual was leaving on good terms with the company, the President/CEO was in a pinch to replace this individual as soon as possible as the company was currently undergoing a critical a financial systems software implementation. Our client reached out to us on Tuesday to discuss their needs, personal traits and critical technical skills necessary to successfully complete the job. After speaking with the CEO and discussing all potential options, it was decided that an experienced consultant with several years of Controller or CFO-level experience would be the best fit given the current situation. This individual would have experience overseeing financial systems implementations, month-end close, corporate financial planning and internal audit.

As soon as the call ended, Pinnacle’s internal recruiting team met to review the resumes of several consultants which would be ideal for the role. By Thursday we had identified 3 candidates with several years of executive finance and accounting leadership experience. After reviewing each candidate’s background, personality, and technical skillets with our client, our client was able to appropriately evaluate each consultant and their respective fit with their organization. The selected consultant was then notified and dove in to help the following Monday.

Although the given circumstances were unbelievably stressful for our client, we understood the urgency and worked to ensure the appropriate candidate was identified for the role. Time is key when it comes to creating an action plan to assist our clients with quick transitions in management.

Have you experienced an unexpected departure within your accounting and finance leadership team? Contact us to learn how our contract and consulting services can create a successful transition on your team.

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