Pinnacle Success Story: Managing Growing Pains

July 20, 2017

Managing Growing Pains

Building Your Start-up’s First Accounting Team

Employment Type: Full-Time Placement

So you have started your own company. At first, you fly through revenue-generating activities and the maintenance of day to day administrative tasks such as bookkeeping, invoicing and payroll. As the company grows, more and more questions begin to arise regarding compliance, internal controls, and taxes. Questions you are not necessarily equipped to answer or have the time to research. What now? When is it the right time to add an employee dedicated to managing your company’s financials?

Pinnacle recently worked with the founder of an early stage growth company facing this exact dilemma. The company had been growing rapidly since inception a few years ago. They knew the founders and existing executives were not able to continue to manage the company’s accounting and finance matters as the company continued to grow, but were unsure what the best course of action was. The company reached out to us to help assess the need to create an accounting leadership role for their organization. We listened and helped assess the caliber of professional that they needed to take these responsibilities off of their plates who could also build internal controls, accounting processes, and take on a variety of other operational responsibilities.  

After determining who the best fit for their organization would be, Pinnacle’s team performed a targeted recruiting campaign to identify, qualify, and hire a Controller to own all accounting/finance matters for the organization along with having a variety of other diverse business operations responsibilities.  

As your organization grows, reach out to our team at Pinnacle. We are always available to discuss your options when it comes to developing your company’s accounting and finance teams.

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