Pinnacle Success Story: Making the Best of a Worst Case Scenario

June 19, 2017

Making the Best of the Worst Case Scenario

Leveraging Trends in Pittsburgh’s Consulting & Recruitment Talent Market to Improve Your Team

Employment Type: Contract & Consulting

How often do you deal with staff fluctuations? We all know public accounting can get hectic during busy season. This past year, one of Pittsburgh’s large regional public accounting firms, unfortunately, had to downsize ten of their staff as a result of over-hiring during busy season combined with a corporate restructuring. Upon learning of this news, Pinnacle reached out to our network to see what we could do to serve as a resource for the young professionals searching for new opportunities.

After successfully connecting with each, we worked diligently to help each of them find new opportunities which not only advanced their career but also aligned with their career aspirations and work/life balance expectations. Pinnacle was able to successfully place several public accountants into new roles with other regional public accounting firms and corporate accounting departments. Today, we continue to work with those that are still in search of the right opportunity.

If you have a hiring need for a 1 to 3 year professional with public accounting experience, please let us know as these professionals are actively interviewing and will not be available much longer!

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