Pinnacle Success Story: Making A Move Back to Pittsburgh

July 2, 2017

Making A Move Back to Pittsburgh

Finding the Right Opportunity When You Move Back to ‘Tahn’

Making a move to find the right opportunity can be a challenge for professionals at any stage in their career. Markets and in demand technical skill sets vary drastically for accounting and finance professionals. Last month, Pinnacle was contacted by a young professional seeking to make a move from Atlanta to Pittsburgh. Although he enjoyed working in Atlanta, he was seeking to move back home to Pittsburgh so that he could be closer to his family. He had struggled to connect with local hiring managers. After speaking with him to learn more regarding his professional background and technical skills, we suggested he try a contract opportunity. The opportunity was a long-term contract for three years promising stability and an opportunity to get his feet wet in the Pittsburgh market. After interviewing just once, he was offered the job and moved back to Pittsburgh. Within five months his contract role became a full-time opportunity.

If you are seeking to relocate back to Pittsburgh or potentially evaluate opportunities outside of Pittsburgh, be sure to contact us! As a member of the American Association of Finance and Accounting, we work with over 40+ affiliates across the United States and Canada who can assist you with your job search.

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