Pinnacle Success Story: Leveraging Consultants for Long-Term Projects

October 20, 2017

Leveraging Consultants for Long-Term Projects

In building trust and doing the right thing, a lot of organizations rely on Pinnacle’s expertise to assist with identifying and assessing consultants for organizations on a project by project basis. This past month, Pinnacle was contacted by one of Pittsburgh’s leading construction companies to assist with identifying technical consultants to oversee the management and timely completion of a multi-year long term construction project. Pinnacle’s client was seeking to identify consultants with a high level of technical knowledge in addition to extensive project management experience. After speaking with the client to truly understand who they were looking for, Pinnacle was able to present several viable consultants capable of getting the job done and launch the project.

How does Pinnacle retain long-term consultants?

Pinnacle provides its Consultants with Paid Vacation Time, Holiday Pay, Health Benefits, Retirement Plan, and other benefits just as if they were a full-time employee with the organization that they are assisting on such consulting projects.  This allows Pinnacle to have strong retention to help ensure that projects are completed by the Consultant who started the project.  This is one example of how by “doing the right thing” that Pinnacle builds trusting long term strategic partnership with our clients and our consultants.
Do you have a multi-year project where you need staff augmentation? Contact Pinnacle Consulting & Recruiting at, or call (412) 343-6300 to learn how you can utilize consultants on your next long term project.

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