Pinnacle Success Story: Evaluating the ROI of Replacing Outsourced CPA Services with a Full-Time Employee

July 20, 2017

Evaluating the ROI of Replacing Outsourced CPA Services with a Full-Time Employee

The Benefit of Creating a New Full-Time Position for Your Organization’s Complex, Technical Accounting Projects to Improve the Bottom Line

Employment Type: Full-Time Placement

There comes a time in every organization when a company’s growth begins to impact the day-to-day routines of its employees. Acquisitions, external audits, and compliance reviews (just to name a few) begin to pile up and make completing your primary responsibilities a daunting task. To mitigate these responsibilities, companies’ accounting teams find themselves with few options to ensure the accurate and timely completion of technical accounting projects, including outsourcing, hiring consultants or creating new roles. So how do you know which option to choose?

Last month, Pinnacle worked with a large client in Pittsburgh who had recently acquired an international business unit. Due to the acquisition’s timeline, the CFO reached out to an outside CPA firm to assist with handling the newly acquired business unit’s international tax issues. After several months of working with the CPA firm at $275/hour, the CFO found the cost eating into the organization’s bottom line. After carefully weighing their options, the CFO determined it was both cheaper and more sustainable to create an International Tax Director role.

With the newly created International Tax Director’s job description ready to fly, the company shipped it out to Pittsburgh job boards eagerly waiting for the response of a qualified CPA. The newly created role sat on the job boards for several months with no success of attracting the right candidate. All while they continued to pay a premium for outsourcing the responsibilities to the CPA firm.

Upon realizing the caliber of candidate they were seeking was not going to be actively pursuing job boards such as Monster and Indeed, they reached out to Pinnacle to assist with their search. Not only was this an urgent search, but it required an understanding of the true characteristics and skill sets of international tax accountants. With several qualified accountants on hand, Pinnacle was able to coordinate three interviews before identifying their next International Tax Director within three weeks.

Is it time to create a new accounting or finance role on your team? If you are tired of paying a premium for your accounting or finance projects, it may be time to consider hiring a new employee for your team. Contact us to meet qualified accounting and finance professionals with the detailed, technical skill sets you are searching for.  

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