Pinnacle Success Story: Accounting Manager

April 19, 2017

Accounting Manager

Employment Type: Full-Time
A large, energy company based south of Pittsburgh contacted Pinnacle in need of an Accounting Manager for a very ‘unique’ role. After acquiring another publicly-traded company, it needed someone to assist with overseeing the merger of the two companies’ accounting departments. Not only did this role pose considerable technical challenges, it also faced daunting management challenges. The person to take on this role had both knowledge of technical accounting and a superior management style.
The ideal candidate was defined as an accounting professional coming out of public accounting who had an active CPA and several years of experience working with GAAP and extensive knowledge of internal controls.
After interviewing several candidates, we identified that finding the right candidate for this role may require an accountant with a non-traditional background. As a strategic recruiting partner we found ourselves speaking with our client to see if they would be open to interviewing an individual with a great background, but one which did not necessarily align with their expectations. This individual was a CPA but had several years of experience working for a small, family-owned accounting firm before moving onto a larger, regional public accounting firm. Having worked with small family-owned business dynamics, we knew that this individual would offer the flexible and dynamic attitude necessary to assist during this transitional time for the company. Then the experience they gained at the larger, regional public firm equipped them with the technical accounting knowledge necessary to exceed expectations in a management position.
After interviewing the candidate, our client knew this was the right fit for their team and they moved forward with bringing her onboard.

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