10 Things You Should Know About Looking For A Technology Job in Pittsburgh

August 24, 2022

It’s no secret that the job market has transformed over the past two years. Particularly in mid-size cities like Pittsburgh, hiring trends have surged as workers search for appealing opportunities in lower-cost areas. Technology has continued to be a promising field filled with growth and potential for job seekers.

Open tech positions have been flooding job boards as companies grow and evolve in the state of the new normal. This trend is leading many professionals to create tech resumes and even change industries to exploit the demand for competent tech workers.

As you explore active tech jobs in the Pittsburgh area, here are a few things to keep in mind.

A job candidate recently placed at a top-tier fintech firm in Pittsburgh by Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment reviews data and open tech position using a tablet.

1. It’s a Better Time Than Ever to Find a Tech Job

Across the US, the job market has remained hot for over a year straight. Layoffs stand near record lows while job openings and resignations loom. It’s still a job seeker’s market for more reasons than one, so if you are considering making the move to tech, now may be the time.

2. You Can Negotiate

Due to elevated Pittsburgh hiring demand, candidates have leverage to negotiate their salary and benefits. Top applicants have the luxury of multiple offers, pitting firms against each other for more favorable terms. If you can create an appealing tech resume, you may find yourself with several options.

3. Pittsburgh’s Cost of Living Is Low

Pittsburgh has remained relatively immune to the cost of living increases we’ve seen in other mid-market cities like Nashville and Boise. For the most part, there are still incredible deals to be found for professionals willing to look. Home ownership is the most significant driver of personal wealth, and in a city like Pittsburgh, that dream can become a reality.

4. You Can Change Industries

Due to the trajectory of tech, candidates can jump ship from their current industries to take advantage of open tech positions. You can position yourself to begin a budding career in tech with a little training, interview prep and networking.

5. Skills Go a Long Way

To further your application, invest in yourself by up-skilling whenever possible. Learning a new coding language like HTML, C#, or Python adds value to your resume. Having experience with servers, routers, and data storage can also help prove your usefulness to the organization before you’ve even joined the team. Familiarize yourself with relevant industry skills, and acquire as many as you can.

6. Tech Is a Smart Move

Industries evolve and develop over time, and tech is on the upswing for the foreseeable future. As data and transactions become ever more digitally integrated, businesses will rely on qualified tech professionals to manage systems and prevent breaches. Entering on the ground floor of the tech world could prove a profitable investment in your career down the line.

7. The Options Are Vast

No Pittsburgh tech job is quite like another. With such a vast range of responsibilities, you can find (or craft) the role that suits your skill set and preferences. From project management and systems architecture to software development and cybersecurity, the possibilities are practically endless.

8. You Can Find Hidden Job Opportunities

Don’t rely on public job boards to bring forth the opportunity of your dreams. By working with a tech recruiter, you can get your foot in the door at firms that haven’t yet publicized their vacancies. Executive search professionals maintain a network of hiring firms in the Pittsburgh area and can tap into that network for your benefit.

9. Recruiters Know the Industry

Recruiters are not just LinkedIn prowlers; many of these professionals have previously worked in the roles they are now recruiting for. The right recruiter can help you clearly define your goals and aspirations, then help source and secure a role that furthers those objectives.

10. There Are Resources to Improve Your Odds

You shouldn’t have to navigate a tech search on your own. In fact, by taking advantage of the resources at your disposal, you can make your application move to the top of the pile. From creating a strong tech resume, to preparing for interviews, to communicating effectively, your executive search partner can help prepare you to secure the job you’ve been waiting for.

A job candidate searches for open tech position on Pinnacle's website.

Find the Right Tech Job in Pittsburgh

If you are looking to advance in your career and secure an exciting open tech position, we can help you find it. At Pinnacle, our team specializes in sourcing the most sought-after technology opportunities at actively hiring Pittsburgh firms. We strive to do right by our candidates every time, so we will put your priorities first the entire way.

Our comprehensive executive search process will help ensure a lasting, mutually beneficial fit between you and your future employer. We’re here for you – from start to finish. Contact us today to start your search.

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