In Celebration of International Women’s Day

March 8, 2024

Pinnacle Community,

Growing up in a household where the primary financial provider was a woman shaped my perspective on gender roles and success. Witnessing my mother’s resilience and resourcefulness instilled in me a profound respect for women and their capabilities.

When it was my turn to build a family of my own, I partnered with a woman who embodied those same qualities — smart, strong, and driven.

My appreciation for strong women extends far beyond my personal life. In my professional journey at Pinnacle, I’ve deliberately surrounded myself with exceptionally talented people who serve as the backbone, muscle, and pulse of our organization. So many of those people are exceptional women.

In every corner of Pinnacle, I see their impact on leadership, process, relationships, and an unwavering commitment to their roles. They challenge me to be better, to think broader, and to push beyond my limits. These contributions aren’t just valuable, they have entirely shaped this organization. Strength, intelligence, and resilience are not just admirable traits—they are essential ingredients in the recipe for success, both personally and professionally.

Every interaction I have reminds of the profound impact that strong women have had on my life. They haven’t just made my life better; they have, in many ways, made my life.

Warm regards,
Colin Powell
CEO, Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment

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