Employee Spotlight – Preston Saxton

May 29, 2024

Dear Pinnacle Community,

Over the last few years, Pinnacle’s consulting practice has seen tremendous growth. This success is not merely a reflection of the market but a testament to our refined processes and exceptional team execution. I am proud to say that our consulting division is among the best in the city, thanks to the hard work and dedication of our phenomenal team.

As we navigate through the dynamic world of consulting, our core philosophy centers on fostering strong relationships and continuous engagement with our consultants as well as our clients. By building stronger relationships with our clients, we can create more opportunities for our consultants and roll them from project to project.

We know that consultant stability and continuity are of paramount importance to our clients.  That’s why we provide our top-tier consultants with competitive compensation, comprehensive healthcare and a myriad of other benefits, which not only support their well-being but also mitigate the risk of them leaving mid-assignment. This approach has proven to be our safest and most dependable model, ensuring project continuity and client satisfaction.

An effective consultant at Pinnacle is loyal, committed, focused and drives for quality. To nurture our consulting talent, we keep them engaged, provide them with continuous support, and treat them as an integral part of the Pinnacle family. This approach ensures that they are not only prepared for their current roles but are also primed for future opportunities.

Our dedicated consulting function is designed to ensure Pinnacle is not just another headhunting firm. Instead, we deliver stable, high-quality consultants who are equipped to handle assignments with expertise comparable to the Big Four, but at a fraction of the cost. This value proposition, combined with our commitment to quality and stability, sets us apart in the industry.

Thank you all for being a part of our journey at Pinnacle. Your support and commitment are what drive us forward, and I look forward to continuing our shared success.

Warm regards,

Preston Saxton

Director of Client Services

Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment, LLC.


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