Employee Spotlight — Darrell Underwood

June 26, 2024

Dear Pinnacle Community,

I am excited to continue my business development career with Pinnacle. My career spans over three diverse sectors. I began with 15 years in Industrial Gases & Chemicals at Airco/BOC and Dow Chemical, followed by another 15 years in Technology with Anixter, FORE Systems, Comcast, and Qwest. Lastly, I have 11 years of experience in public accounting with PwC and KPMG.

My decision to join Pinnacle is rooted in a longstanding friendship and professional relationship with Colin Powell, spanning 12 years.  Colin and I have partnered together in the past while I was at KPMG, and we are enthused to be working together. My goal is to drive revenue growth and market share, along with building trusted advisor level relationships that are deep and sustainable for years to come. 

When engaging with clients and prospects, I prioritize understanding their business challenges deeply to deliver value. I believe in building authentic connections that move beyond business to understand personal motivations and interests. In developing new business opportunities, I emphasize understanding targeted business issues, maintaining relationships, and crafting meaningful engagements that align with client needs and priorities.

In our efforts to stand out in the marketplace, I believe in prioritizing relationships over transactions. This involves strategies such as consistently delivering exceptional value, maintaining ongoing engagement with clients, pursuing high-visibility opportunities, and avoiding pursuits with low success probabilities.

Reflecting on my career, I’ve learned the importance of patience and persistence in nurturing long-term client partnerships. It’s crucial to genuinely care about clients’ professional and personal aspirations and demonstrate the value of our relationship consistently.

I am enthusiastic about bringing my experience and strategic insights to Pinnacle. I look forward to contributing to our collective success and supporting our clients in achieving their goals.

Warm regards,

Darrell Underwood

Senior Advisor, Business Development

Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment, LLC


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