Employee Spotlight – Brandon Noonan

April 26, 2024

Dear Pinnacle Community,

I have been reflecting on guiding principles and how they develop. Mine is simple – do what is right in every situation and help each side reach the best possible outcome. I’m grateful that I have been able to develop this philosophy at Pinnacle.

It was my belief in Colin and Pinnacle’s approach that brought me aboard and I can honestly say that I am better for it. I am a living example of how finding the right fit can bring out the best in someone.

As Manager of Client Services for the IT Division, I know how important it is to form genuine connections. They are everything in recruiting and are the foundation of our mission to connect good people who want to operate with good intentions in their business.  I hope to keep all the connections I’ve made for the rest of my career. 

I’ve found that when we make genuine connections and do right by each other, we will succeed together in ways we had not imagined. There is an outsized positive gain to be made simply by looking out for the best interests of the person across from you.

It is my goal to leave candidates and clients in a better place than when we first engaged. By focusing on organic matches, it becomes easy to help them discover roles and candidates that align with their aspirations and culture. Whether it’s locating ideal candidates for niche roles or negotiating better compensation packages, I thrive on the challenge of making meaningful connections that benefit clients and candidates alike.

I encourage all of you to clearly define your guiding principles so that you can create the foundation on which you build your success.


Brandon Noonan

Manager of Client Services – IT Division

Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment, LLC.


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