Pinnacle has the resources you need to ensure the next addition to your team is the Right One. Our successful searches have been directed at nearly every possible accounting and finance position, from CFO, Controller, and Staff to Manager and Director of:
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Contingent Search

Represent candidates to your organization
An agreed-upon placement fee only if you hire a candidate represented to you
​ Provides you access to the top talent in the market that you most often are not going to see through your own job posting
Gain access to our current network of talented professionals that we have already screened, qualified, and are ready to advance for the right opportunity
​ Recommended for your Staff to Manager level positions where you need access to top talented professionals to ensure that your hiring managers interview the right candidate(s) the first time

Retained Search

Exclusive strategic partnership

Payment made traditionally in three parts
1. Initiate the search
2. Thirty days later
3. Upon placement of the candidate

Provides the higher-end level of service for dedicated time to work closely with you and your team to define an agreed methodology to find the best person for the role
​ Utilizes specific reporting analytics that are defined to keep you abreast during each step of the search process
Recommended for your senior level roles at the Controller, CFO, and other key leadership roles
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Looking for talent across the nation?

If you are seeking talent for locations across the country or are willing to relocate top talent to Pittsburgh, our affiliation with the American Association of Finance and Accounting (AAFA) provides access to a network of 100,000 professionals with offices in most major cities.