New Career in the New Year

January 23, 2020

According to popular job search sites like Indeed and Glassdoor, January and February are the busiest (and best) times to look for a new job. Is there a career you have always wanted to try? Take advantage of companies looking for new employees. Consider these tips from Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment to plan for a career move in the new year.

Do Your Research

You know what your goals are for the next year, but it’s important to align them with the positions you are applying for. Researching the position and company beforehand can help you identify some possible problems before submitting your application. Here are a few things to ask yourself about a company before applying:

  1. What Are the Company’s Recent Accomplishments? You want to join a business that is growing and has challenging work for you. What are some recent projects the company has completed? This can tell you the kind of work you will be doing and is an impressive topic to bring up in an interview
  2. How Do They Treat Their Employees? It won’t matter how interesting the work is if the company doesn’t value work-life balance. You want to be happy and appreciated in your new position. A good indication of positive company culture is how long other employees have been there. Look around when you visit and don’t be afraid to reach out and see what the employees can tell you!
  3. Are You Moving Your Career Forward? Leaving a company without a clear path forward in mind doesn’t make sense. Make sure that when you transition, you are building towards your larger goals. If you are making positive moves, your work will reflect better on your abilities and be more beneficial to your new employer.

Become an Attractive Candidate

Once you have researched and identified positions you would like to apply for, it’s time to prepare. Using the information from your research, you can write a resume and cover letter showcasing the skills that position is looking for. This means dusting off your resume to make sure it has the most relevant and most recent information included. There are excellent career resources that can help you refresh your resume online. You could also ask for edits from a peer or mentor.

Sometimes, adding new skills to your professional toolbox can help your chances of landing an interview. If you are looking to break into a new industry or go in a new direction with your experience, “upskilling” can make you a more attractive candidate. This can be improving the skills you already have, or learning completely new ones. Online courses, seminars or professional network events often are good places to do this.

Ace the Interview

 Practice your interview skills with someone who can give you feedback. Make sure you pay attention to your technical interview skills as well as your soft skills. Connecting with a hiring manager is almost as important as your professional experience. Keep in mind that there will be many applicants before and after you, so stand out. Don’t give stale answers to S.T.A.R. questions– be memorable so your resume isn’t just tossed on the pile. Emphasize what you can do for the company.

Start the New Year Right

Preparation is an important part of reentering the job market, but sometimes circumstance is against you. If you don’t immediately get an interview with your dream company, don’t give up! Like all good things, finding a position that is right for your skillset takes time.

That’s where Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment comes in. We can help you identify your ideal matches, facilitate communications, and get you in the interview room. Accounting and finance candidates in the Pittsburgh area have trusted Pinnacle for years to help them find their ideal position. Come see why we are one of Pittsburgh’s most trusted search firms. Contact us today at (412) 343-6300 to start your search for a new career in the new year!

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