10 Highest Paying Finance and Accounting Jobs

January 16, 2019

Accounting jobs and finance jobs are abundant in today’s market. In fact, there are so many jobs that sometimes it’s hard to differentiate between positions or determine which jobs lead to bigger profits and more long-term sustainability. Here are the 10 highest paying finance jobs according to Business Insider, Forbes, and CNBC:

  1. Managing Director/Partner: In charge of the day-to-day operations, someone in this position can make up to six figures a year. This position also comes with a lot of responsibility as the managing director is held accountable when anything goes wrong within the daily operations of the company.
  2. Tax Manager: A tax manager leads and manages multiple operations of accounting jobs through tax practices, and finance professionals have professional certifications to deliver quality tax services and increase the reputation of the accounting consultant firms.
  3. Financial Planning and Analysis Manager: As the name suggests, a manager in this area is in charge of analysis for accounting and finance jobs through accounting ethics. Items include risk analysis, identifying economic trends, and incorporating policies and guidelines throughout the company.
  4. Treasurer: A treasure is responsible for liquid assets, including corporate liquidity and investments as well as some risk management for consulting accountant companies, sometimes involving risk analysis and investment.
  5. Regulatory Reporting Accountant: The accountant prepares financial documents required for reporting externally, collects and analyzes data, ensures that all reports are in compliance with reporting regulations and laws, and researches accounting rules and regulations to ensure proper use regarding company policy.
  6. Private Equity Associate: The career path of a private equity associate can be financially rewarding. A private equity associate handles most, if not all, of the financial modeling and initial brunt work of investment opportunities. They also manage and monitor the portfolios of companies, source deals, and identify the best transactions.
  7. Tax Director: Simply put, this position oversees taxes at accounting offices. Tax directors are responsible for the taxes of the company, through compliance as well as planning and accounting for income taxes.
  8. Actuaries: Actuaries are in charge of compiling and analyzing statistics to identify and calculate insurance risks and premiums for clients, as well as each individual finance company.
  9. Hedge Fund Analysts: These analysts are in charge of research, analysis, and other due diligence required in hedge funds. A specialty accounting career option, they support overall analysts to build investments in order to grow a fund’s portfolio.
  10. Sales and Trading Analysts, Investment Banks: This finance career option is exactly what it sound like: analyzing, monitoring, and formulating trades in the marketplace. It also involves analyzing through financial accounting.  


These are just a few of the highest paying finance and accounting jobs. In today’s job market, it’s important to know which position in the industry might be the right fit for you based on your experience and skill set. Contact the experts of Pinnacle Consulting & Recruiting today to learn more about these roles and how to begin your next career step.

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