Will AI Affect Accounting and Finance Jobs?

November 2, 2023

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or off the grid, you definitely know about AI (Artificial Intelligence). Even if you know nothing about AI other than its existence, one can deduce from the name that it simulates human intelligence through machine automation. What you might not know about it, though, is how AI could affect your career opportunities. 

All of our digital personal assistants (Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, Bixby, etc.) are forms of AI that we access everyday. AI can be scary because it brings about the unknown, but we’re here to help you strike down that fear. We’re here to show you how it gives your career opportunities a different, positive outlook from before.

Spend More Time Focusing on Strategic Initiatives

One of the major drawbacks of career opportunities involving the collection of data is the repetitive and time consuming task of entering all of that data. This is something known all too well in accounting jobs and finance jobs. 

However, not only can AI automate these tasks, but it can allow different systems used by an organization to talk to each other. That means that it can take data and information from one system and send it to another automatically instead of someone having to go through and copy and paste. In addition to data entry, it is a much easier task for AI technologies to catalog that data and catch errors or problems. 

Distinctly Human Elements are Inimitable

When you’re thinking about the interpersonal skills needed to succeed in accounting jobs, you’re probably thinking of trustworthiness and integrity. If you’re doing the same for finance jobs, you’re probably thinking of empathy and the ability to collaborate. AI cannot replicate interpersonal skills and would fail in these departments of the jobs. 

The need for people to hold these jobs to retain interpersonal integrity will remain necessary. It is irreplaceable.

Changing the Scope of Jobs

In combining the ability of AI to reduce work relating to data but inability to act in the place of a person, career opportunities in accounting and finance would see a shift in the skills needed to succeed. There would be an opening for more communication and collaboration company wide. There would be an opening to more wholly support clients.

This could even mean that a wider variety of people are drawn to finance jobs and accounting jobs, which would, in turn, allow companies to elevate to a new level of care for their clients.

Pinnacle Can Help Round Out Your Career

Partner with Pinnacle to learn how to leverage yourself in a way that you don’t have to worry about AI. We’ll help you elevate your career to make the best impact in a rapidly advancing technological world. Our team will guide you towards having a symbiotic relationship with technology in a way that allows you to reach new heights and greater career opportunities.

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