The Best Way to Find Remote Part-Time Jobs

July 31, 2023

The professional landscape continues to evolve, expand and become more dynamic in response to the effects posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to statistics, the gig economy accounted for $1.21 trillion of the U.S. economy three years ago, and by the end of 2023, analysts predict that 52 percent of Americans will have spent at least some time working a side gig.

Professionals in finance, technology and law are increasingly seeking flexible opportunities that offer a better work-life balance — part-time remote jobs that can fit nicely alongside a full-time career, enabling you to work when you want. 

If you’re at square one and wondering how to get started seeking out some freelance or contract work, keep reading for some of these tips:

Explore Industry-Specific Niche Websites

Check niche job boards and focus on finance, tech or legal fields. Popular options for finance jobs include FlexJobs and Working Nomads. For the legal field, sites like, LawCrossing and Law Jobs (through ALM) have remote part-time postings. And on sites like We Work Remotely, Dice or Indeed, filter for remote and part-time options for any of these three fields (be it tech, law or finance). Toptal is also a solid choice for searching for remote tech and finance positions.

Don’t forget sites like Upwork or Freelancer, which aggregate remote jobs from all three fields. These platforms allow you to create a profile showcasing your skills, experience and availability, and connect with clients looking for part-time remote professionals. There, you can bid on relevant projects or contracts that match your expertise.

Additionally, search the career pages of specific companies in your chosen field. Some finance firms offering remote part-time jobs include Vanguard, Fidelity and Charles Schwab — not to mention the Big 4 accounting firms. Popular tech companies with remote part-time roles include Salesforce, Twilio, GitHub and Cisco. And for remote legal jobs, search for law firms specializing in your concentration; search their website for job listings or contact them directly.

Reach Out Directly

Don’t limit your search to job boards — reach out directly to companies you’re interested in. Send customized emails to a hiring manager introducing yourself, including your relevant experience and interest in part-time, remote opportunities if available now or in the future.

In your applications, tailor your resume and cover letter for remote part-time work. Highlight relevant:

  • Finance skills: Analyzing financial reports, conducting investment research and compliance knowledge if applying for accounting, banking or investment positions.
  • Tech skills: Including programming languages, software proficiency, data analysis and cloud platform experience for technology part-time roles.
  • Legal expertise: Drafting legal documents, conducting legal research and clerical experience for part-time legal assistant jobs.

Network and Attend Virtual Events

Networking remains a powerful tool in any job search, even for remote part-time positions. Leverage your professional network by reaching out to colleagues, former employers and industry connections who may be aware of remote job openings. 

Additionally, attend virtual events, webinars and conferences in your field. These platforms provide excellent opportunities to connect with industry professionals, learn about remote job openings and showcase your skills and knowledge. Online communities and social media groups, such as LinkedIn groups and relevant Facebook groups, can also be valuable resources for networking and discovering remote part-time opportunities.

Make Your Intentions Clear

If you land an interview with an employer (be it in-person or virtual), be ready to discuss why you specifically want part-time, remote work. Explain you’re looking for a schedule that fits well with clients, coursework or family commitments while allowing you to utilize your expertise in the field.

Find Your Best Remote Part-Time Job Today

With the right skills, experience and persistence, you can land one of these flexible jobs that leverages your expertise while fitting your schedule. And with so many companies adapting to hybrid, flex and remote working schedules, now is a great time to pursue the remote part-time job you want. 

Pinnacle can help keep you on point in your career search. Search our page of current job openings, or connect with us today to sync up with a recruiter who can lead you down the path to success in any and every opportunity.

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