Preparing Your Family for the “Back to School” Season

August 17, 2020

In recent weeks, many schools across the country have stated their plans for the upcoming school year, lots of these plans include remote learning. For many parents, that means balancing work, cooking, cleaning, and now – homeschooling. 

While this can feel overwhelming, remember that it’s manageable and temporary. Whether your kids are starting kindergarten or their senior year of high school, we’ve compiled some tips for working-from-home and homeschooling so you and your family can stay on track and ready when their regular learning schedule resumes.

Here are five tips for homeschooling to help you manage your new responsibilities:

Follow Your Own Schedule

One of the best parts of “homeschooling” is the flexibility it offers. Are your kids morning-people? Make the day top-heavy and have them do their assignments in the morning. Are your kids evening-people? Consider letting them sleep in and doing their homework later in the day. 

Set Focus Hours 

Instead of a nine-to-five workday or an eight-to-three school day, which might not be possible, consider implementing “focus hours” or “quiet time.” During these set hours, everyone in your household does their own work in their own space for a certain amount of time. This not only helps with productivity but also ensures each of your family members gets enough alone time. 

Eat Lunch and Enjoy Recess

Meals are easily rushed or overlooked, but this is a great way to spend quality time with your family. Set aside at least thirty minutes for lunch, and consider a fifteen to twenty minute outside recess to boost your family’s energy. While your kids are at home, why not have them help you make lunch? Or if they’re old enough, learn to make it themselves? Now can be a great opportunity for your kids to help with cleaning, doing the laundry, or cooking. These types of skills can be just as valuable as the skills taught in the classroom.

Limit Screen Time 

During quarantine, everyone is spending more time staring at screens. With e-learning in place, kids are on their devices for a good cause, but when you add up their leisure and learning time it’s a lot of screen time. Take note of your family’s daily screen activity, and make sure to set a reasonable limit.

Give Yourself a Break 

You’ve got plenty on your plate right now. And however you feel, you’re probably doing a better job then you realize. Don’t forget to schedule time for yourself – even if that means after your kids are in bed or allowing them some extra screen time. With a little patience and creativity, you’ll find a way to homeschool and work-from-home in a way that works for you and your family.

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