March Employee Spotlight: Jo Anna Crago

March 1, 2024

Dear Pinnacle Community,

This month we welcome spring, the season of new beginnings. New beginnings are what recruitment is all about, and I can’t help but reflect on my own career’s trajectory of starting fresh and how that continues to inform my work.

My tenure of nearly ten years in Big Four Public Accounting, particularly within Deloitte’s Tax Department, was a significant influence in my shift to recruiting in the finance sector. This background eased my transition; I could relate to candidates, speak their language, and understand their examples.

My personal recruitment philosophy is quite straightforward: treat others as you would like to be treated. I remember during my transition from accounting to sales, I initially struggled to find my footing. The unease that I felt taught me to take the time to sincerely understand where a candidate is in their search. It’s often a trying time due to income and family commitments. It is important to me to be sympathetic to their needs, respectful of their time, and open with feedback.

If you’re a professional embarking on a new beginning, my advice is to carefully consider your options. Consulting can be appealing for those who enjoy the variety of assignments and the challenge of working in new industries. Typically consultants move from engagement to engagement about 2-3 times a year, which allows for rapid learning and growth, often with fewer hours than a “Corporate America” job. More often than not, the consultants I’ve hired from a “perm job” enjoy the flexibility and autonomy they’re afforded from the consulting lifestyle. Consulting tends to become the next stage of their career vs. a stop gap between perm employers. In addition to an hourly pay structure that includes overtime pay, Pinnacle offers our consultants a generous benefits package as well.

If consulting isn’t the right fit, we’re pleased to help candidates with their search for traditional, salaried positions. My colleagues and I are always willing to assist with reviewing resumes, providing coaching on interview skills, and offering suggestions to maximize the effectiveness of their search.

When it comes to success stories, I feel fortunate to have countless examples of successful matches between consultants and clients. The process can resemble a dating game, where finding a balance between technical skills and personalities is key. It’s not uncommon for engagements to last longer than initially anticipated because clients are so impressed with a consultant’s skills and performance.

Continually meeting new people is one of the aspects of my job that I love the most. Whether it’s over coffee, breakfast, lunch or a networking event, engaging with the fun and intelligent people in Pittsburgh’s Accounting and Finance community is always thrilling for me.

My invitation to you, whether you’re a professional looking for your next career move or a hiring manager seeking the right talent for your organization, is to reach out to Pinnacle. Every member of our team is here to support and help you succeed!

Warm regards,

Jo Anna Crago

Market Development & Recruiting Director

Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment, LLC.

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