Look Ahead – Preparing for Your Next Contract Position

November 2, 2020

COVID-19 threw a wrench into many people’s careers. However, the key to finding your next opportunity is all about having a positive mentality and approach. So, what are some ways you can stay career-ready and prepare for your next position?

1. Update Your Resume

Do not wait until you have an opportunity to apply for, make sure your resume is current all the time. There is a lot of competition, especially right now, so it pays to stay ahead of the game. Keep your resume simple and to the point. If there are gaps due to COVID-19, put a “one-liner” with an asterisk “Position eliminated due to COVID-19”. Anytime you can explain why there are gaps it’s important to do so, especially when it is related to this pandemic.

2. Don’t Apply to Everything

It’s going to be tempting to hit the ‘Easy Apply’ button on LinkedIn over and over, but this won’t help you, in fact, it could hurt you. If you get declined (which is highly likely due to the influx of applications), it is harder to convince HR that you are qualified the second time around. Instead, consider working with a team of recruiters like those at Pinnacle. We have a significantly higher chance of getting you in front of a hiring manager than any other job boards you see on the internet.

3. Equip Yourself to Work from Home

If there is a positive from COVID-19, it’s definitely ‘working from home.’ Many of our clients are finding that productivity has increased by nearly 1/3 of their employees while working from home. The future of work is trending toward working from home, so make sure you’re equipped to work from home with a great home office.

4. Become Independent

Today, being independent is more important than ever. You must be able to understand new systems, processes, people, culture, and expectations of a project all while working from home. How? Ask questions so you can find the answers and build the confidence to work independently. Try and figure out your problems on your own before you text, call, or email another person on your team.

5. Work with Pinnacle

Pinnacle wants to get Pittsburgh back to work, so if you’re career-searching, consider searching with us. Our team has years of experience and can efficiently match you to the best positions in the Pittsburgh market. If you would like to learn more, please contact us at 412-343-6300 or admin@paf-resources.com.

Nobody knows what 2021 will bring, so why worry? Look ahead and control the things you can control. Be ready, update your resume, equip yourself to work from home, and work with Pinnacle. We’re ready to help in whatever way we can.

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