January Employee Spotlight: Gabrielle Usaraga

January 3, 2024

Dear Pinnacle Community,

The start of a new year offers a chance to reflect. An opportunity to look back on not only our accomplishments but the connections that we made in the past year.

The bonds we form today will help us realize our dreams. I’m reminded of my time at Enterprise, where I quickly learned that people come first. It is incredibly important to truly understand the person across from you. They could be in the middle of an awful day but with just a little patience and understanding, you can help them find solutions to get their day turned around.

I’ve found that remains true in recruiting. I love sitting down with candidates and getting to know what they want out of their career. I often find it’s a similar conversation to those Enterprise days. Each candidate is an individual with a unique set of skills as well as current challenges and we work together to help find them the solution they need. 

One of the common challenges I encounter with candidates is they feel stagnant. They want to grow in their career but they don’t feel like they have the right opportunities to do so in their current role. I share with them one of the biggest lessons I learned in my time at Enterprise and Coltene – let growth come to you.

We all want to grow in our roles, but it won’t come overnight. I have found that showing up everyday and focusing on doing the best possible job you can with the tools at your disposal is truly the key to success. A positive attitude and perseverance will lead to the growth you seek, even if you need to find a new role to fully realize it.

Understanding the person across from you and showing up every day may seem like advice you’ve heard before, but it is truly at the core of what we do. Regardless of your skillset, when we build empathy and trust there is no telling what doors can open in your career.

So use this time to reflect on what you want most out of your career. Reflect on the connections you made in the past year and how you were able to deliver solutions. Reflect on the connections you would like to make to take your career to new heights.

Cheers to the new year, I hope it finds you all well,

Gabrielle Usaraga

IT Recruiter

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