How to List Your Contract Work During COVID on Your Resume

January 28, 2021

If you’re already in a contract position and looking for your next gig – permanent or temporary – here’s exactly how to list your contract work during COVID on your resume: 

Highlight Your Accomplishments 

Recruiters must be able to glance over your resume and quickly assess your background before they evaluate the details of your work. Highlight the skills, knowledge, training, and accomplishments that you have gained from your contract positions. Your value as a candidate to employers is more important than the number of positions you’ve held or how long you worked at each. Hiring managers want to see the changes you made in position titles and the significant results you achieved. Make sure to include the skills that are listed in the posting for the job you want to show your experience as a contractor is relevant and timely. 

Name Your Employers & Partners

As a contractor, it’s especially important to be specific in your resume and include the recruiting firms and organizations you’ve worked with. This shows that you have a history of working with reputable employers and gained a substantial amount of experience from the opportunities. If the organizations are well-recognized in your field, the hiring manager is more likely to push your resume to the top of the pile. Use wording that makes it clear you were a contract worker. For example, after the name of the company, put “contractor,” and then add a brief description of your responsibilities and accomplishments in the position. 

Tell Your Story

Every career is unique. Don’t think of being a contract worker as a weakness; think of it as a strength, because that’s exactly what it is.

Being a contract worker is a challenge. While it provides many benefits, you’re asked to learn new skills, meet new people and learn new software at each new job. That is an accomplishment of itself. If you promote yourself that way on your resume, the employer will have no choice but to be impressed with your work. 

Partner with Pinnacle 

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