February Employee Spotlight: Blaze O’Block

February 6, 2024

Dear Pinnacle Colleagues, Clients and Candidates,

As we embrace February’s spirit of connection, I’m honored to share my first-year as a staff recruiter at Pinnacle, which has been nothing short of remarkable.

Recruitment caught my eye during my job search before graduation. The idea of connecting with people and assisting them in such a crucial aspect of life, like their career, was something that hit home for me. After starting my own career in medical staffing, I joined the team at Pinnacle last June. 

Why Pinnacle? I was seeking a company that places importance on culture and teamwork, and values innovation and openness to diverse growth strategies. Pinnacle’s commitment to transparency and the overall well-being of individuals aligns perfectly with my vision for recruiting. And from the start, I’ve received active mentorship and guidance that has made me a better recruiter in just under a year. 

Recently, I had the opportunity to coach a candidate through a challenging interview process, in which they were struggling with their confidence. We worked extensively to overcome these obstacles together, leading to a successful outcome. To me this experience underscores not only the important impact recruiters can have, but also the impact Pinnacle has had in shaping recruiters like me. 

I grew up playing football. It taught me the importance of teamwork, relying on one another and navigating a diverse locker room of 50+ individuals. Exposure to various personalities in a sports setting prepares you for a professional environment where collaboration is crucial, and everyone works together towards a common goal. I’ve gotten to see that spirit everyday here at Pinnacle. 

To my colleagues, thank you for the opportunity to be your teammate. I am so excited to see what the next year, and beyond, will bring us. 


Blaze O’Block

Staff Recruiter

Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment, LLC.


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