5 Ways to Support Local Businesses in Pittsburgh Right Now

April 24, 2020

At Pinnacle, we want to live in a world full of variety and options. From cafes to art galleries and from pubs to gyms, the diversity of local businesses adds personality to Pittsburgh. As customers and community members, we can band together and find ways to support these businesses right now. Here are five ways to show your solidarity: 

1. Buy Local Whenever Possible 

While most of the major chain supermarkets are out of stock on a variety of items, local supermarkets are suffering. Before you clear out the shelves in Whole Foods, visit your local grocery store for all your staple items. Order takeout, delivery, or curbside pickup at your favorite local restaurant when you don’t feel like cooking dinner. 

2. Buy Gift Cards

If you can, get your Christmas shopping done early! Buy gift cards from local businesses for future use and gift them to your friends and family later. This supports the business in the short-term and sets you up for success in your inevitable last-minute holiday shopping down the road. 

3. Take a Virtual Class

Before canceling your current membership, see if you can take classes online. From yoga to creative writing to playing an instrument, many local Pittsburgh businesses are moving their classes to video conferencing. If a local business offers this option, take it: it’ll give you something to do while spending extra time at home. Your participation not only helps financially, but also shows your solidarity: commitments matter!

4. Reschedule Instead of Canceling

Instead of canceling an upcoming trip, ask if you can postpone your trip for after the quarantine. Once the crisis is averted, local businesses will need guests to stay afloat. Many booking platforms already have built-in options for rescheduling, but if they don’t, reach out to the owner of the B&B, tiny house, or campsite and ask to reschedule. They’ll appreciate your support and effort. 

5. Leave a Review

Consider leaving great reviews online for your favorite local Pittsburgh restaurants, services, and businesses. Your words of support go a long way for these owners: a great review can help a small business stand out, and can give them the boost to stay positive if business is slow. It’s important to remember that you can make a big difference to the businesses in your community without even leaving your home.

Pinnacle Loves Local 

If these tips were helpful, please share them with others! Our support now impacts the future of Pittsburgh’s local businesses. 

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