3 Ways Your Team Benefits from a Positive Company Culture

February 18, 2021

It may come as no surprise that a positive company culture is important, but did you know the success of your business may depend on it? Companies with a positive team culture enjoy higher productivity, more long-term viability, and attract the best talent from around the country and the world. Whether your company culture needs an overhaul or is already on the way to success, here are three key reasons why you should strive for a positive culture.

1. Higher Employee Retention

Gone are the days when an employee would work for the same company for their entire working career. These days, it is far more common for employees to change jobs multiple times over the course of their working life. That said, how might employers aim to keep their employees so that they have no reason to want to leave? It all comes down to company culture. The overwhelming reason why an employee leaves a company is due to unhappiness with their work environment. This includes unhappiness with coworkers and managers alike. Staffing agencies can attest to the fact that a bulk of their candidates cite company culture as a reason they left their last permanent placement. So how might your company foster a culture your employees enjoy so that they don’t just run to the next job?

2. Attract Top Talent – With the Right Attitude

The first step to ensuring an enjoyable work environment is to pay attention to your hires. Don’t just hire anyone. Focus your efforts on hiring qualified employees with the right attitude for permanent placements. Just because someone can do the job does not mean they are the right fit for the company. Keeping in mind a holistic view of your company culture when hiring will ensure you are in tune with your employees’ happiness. If you work with a staffing agency for your hires, communicate with them about what you seek in a candidate. It might be wise to start new hires off with a contract position before hiring them for a permanent placement. That way, you can evaluate the candidate in their contract position before making any lasting decisions.

Employees who are happy with their company’s culture are far more likely to report this to others, and in turn, desirable talent will seek you out. So, rather than simply hiring for ability, try aiming your focus on talent that cares.

3. Healthier Workforce

Did you know that working for a company with a positive company culture actually increases an employee’s overall health and immunity? Conversely, employees who are unhappy at their jobs report more instances of sickness. It’s no wonder; poor mental health is scientifically proven to adversely affect a person’s physical health. In fact, studies have indicated that an overwhelmingly common reason why employees quit jobs is due to a poor work-life balance. No one wants to be continually run down by their work. A positive company culture can combat employee turnover by placing focus on the health and happiness of their employees.

Building a Positive Company Culture? Pinnacle Can Help.

Transforming your company culture is a worthy endeavor that will pay dividends in the long run. Our team of experienced recruiters at Pinnacle Accounting & Finance staffing agency efficiently match qualified candidates with our client companies throughout the Pittsburgh market. We assist with permanent placements, contract positions, and more. If you would like to learn more, please contact us at 412-343-6300 or admin@paf-resources.com.


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