What You’re Investing in When Hiring Through a Recruiter

February 27, 2019

The old adage “If you want something done, you have to do it yourself” is no longer applicable when it comes to the hiring process. In fact, 90% of companies now use a third-party recruiter to fill their vacant positions; if you are still a ‘lone wolf’ in fielding incoming applications, you are decidedly in the dwindling minority. Some holdouts view third-party recruiters as an unnecessary expense, though the hiring culture at large has now grown to understand that recruiters are actually an essential investment in a company’s efficient and stable growth. Here is a look at what you’re investing in when hiring through a recruiter.

Time Saved

It is not simply truism that Time is the ‘most precious commodity’: avoiding a long and exhaustive search to fill a position can not only save a company a costly lapse in productivity, but can also spare the employer from overpaying to fill a stagnant position that no one seems to be overly interested in. Timeliness is key in filling vacancies under each company’s umbrella, and a hiring agent allows you to find the right applicant for the job while you’re focused on your own.

An Optimal Candidate Pool

If a candidate is referred to you by a recruiter, it is with the confidence that they are qualified for the job, and have been vetted of their sincere interest in obtaining it. This positions the hiring company to do far less introductory detective work in their interviews, and allows them to select the candidate that matches their culture and need.  

Quality, Reliable Hires

In an increasingly millennial-driven workforce, only 43% of polled new hires anticipated remaining with their current employer for the next two years. That spells a costly turnover rate, and a redundant search for a position you may feel you only just filled. Third-party recruiters aid in this migration rate by acquiring more up-front information, in the interest of both the client company and the candidate, than a candidate themselves would likely ever offer outright in a formal interview. Recruiters can also draw from these new hires who are ‘passively’ looking for their next position, and feel out what is missing in their current position that would encourage them to stick with their next one if it was made available. This type of behind-the-scenes brokerage is invaluable.  

And Yes, Cost-Effective Onboarding

What do all of these other recruiting factors equal out to? Saving the client money. Time, accuracy, and longevity are all cashed out to an actual, notable, dollars-and-cents uptick that pays lasting dividends in both a company’s culture and its bottom line.

We’re Here To Help

At Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment, we’re here to do what is right for you and your company’s needs. Whether tasked with filling a permanent position, or providing temporary assistance, our experts will navigate the industry, and the talent available, to make effective and reliable connections. If you’ve decided to seek assistance in your hiring needs, we encourage you to contact us, and allow us to be of service.

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