The Most Desirable Candidate Characteristics for Company Success  

December 5, 2019

While it is true that specific skills should be prioritized when it comes to highly specialized work, there are characteristics that ensure a greater likelihood of success no matter your company or industry. Read on to find out what you should look for in your next employee.


A person’s reputation speaks volumes about who they are. Previous employers, coworkers, and references should only have good things to say about your desired candidate. When an employee has high credibility, it is a sign of excellent performance, character, and notable abilities. Notice how the candidate behaves and speaks — do they act with integrity? Do they seem to speak in accordance with their values? Credibility also includes the quality of the candidate’s prior work experience. What kind of positions have they had? Have they consistently exceeded expectations and accepted significant responsibilities? Pay attention to the minute details about the candidate’s character and experience to determine whether they are credible or not.

Leadership Capability

 Employees that can lead – no matter the title of their position – are highly coveted in all industries. Seek out a candidate who is responsible, takes full accountability for their actions, and enjoys managing projects and team members. Leaders are those workers that are skilled at directing and guiding others. In addition, they do so with a selfless, upbeat, and courageous mindset. Similarly, employees that consistently take initiative and embrace challenges are highly valuable to your firm. Those candidates who demonstrate a passion for the work and for your company through their active ambition and their attractive leadership style are the people you want to convert to long-term employees.

People Skills

Do not overlook the importance of soft skills. The candidate should not only communicate and collaborate well with others, but also have a personality that attracts others to them. Ideal candidates are warm, easygoing, friendly, positive, selfless, and tolerant. Personable employees are easy to approach, make others feel valued, and motivate others to elevate the company culture through kindness and inclusiveness.


Aside from the value of qualitative characteristics, competence is one of the most important traits for company success. The candidate should have a history of stellar job performance. A superior employee is hardworking, persistent, and tenacious, yet never uses people as a means to an end. Competent employees work smarter, not harder. Additionally, they display ambition and drive, are eager to learn, and are willing to work hard in order to advance their career and ensure company success.

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No matter if you’re in need of an executive manager or an entry-level worker, there are specific employee characteristics that can elevate your company. Seek out candidates that have high credibility, demonstrate leadership potential, inspire others at your firm, and consistently perform. By focusing on these four areas, the next candidate you choose will take your company to the next level. For help finding talent, contact Pinnacle.

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