How to Motivate Employees to Perform Their Best

July 10, 2019
Your firm may have the nation’s top talent in every single position — yet if you fail to create the right culture, your employees may be inclined to underperform. How do you get the best out of your employees, and maintain this over time? These are a few tips on how to motivate your employees to perform their best.

Be Respectful and Supportive

Unfortunately, bad management is a major cause of employees abandoning their jobs. Why? If employees don’t feel valued by their managers, they don’t feel valued at their organization. Ipso facto, they leave. In order for employees to feel valued, they need to feel respected. Managers should respect employee’s values, beliefs, and even career goals, as well as help them feel validated in what they say and want. Offer your employees assistance to achieve their career ambitions, and be a guiding resource for them when they need you. This will create a strong trust between you and your employees, and they’ll feel empowered to do their best work.

Incentivize & Recognize

Without perks and benefits, employees might feel unmotivated to go above and beyond because they know they won’t be rewarded for doing so. If you reward good behavior and show employees that hard work is worth doing, they will be more likely to continue performing well. Incentives such as annual bonuses or performance-based compensation can keep motivation high among your workforce. Managers should reinforce behaviors that help the company succeed so that employees know what to expect and how they can be recognized. Additionally, it’s important to give them something to work for and feel proud of so that they want to do their best work. If you publicly or even privately acknowledge your employees, they will feel like valuable members of the organization, and they’ll be motivated to work even harder.

Communication and Transparency

Let your employees know that your door is always open, and be straightforward with them — this applies to both positive and negative feedback. Be clear about your expectations as well as your employees’ performance, and they’ll have a better understanding of what they need to do. Demonstrate your appreciation for them by having regular one-on-ones; this breaks down any barriers hindering your relationship with them and shows them that you care about maintaining a strong line of communication with them. As long as you are honest and consistently communicating with employees, they’ll feel a part of an open environment where they are free to do their best work.


How do you transform an idle and uninspired workforce into high-achieving, motivated individuals? By being a good manager. In order to become an effective leader in the eyes of your employees, you need to show them respect and offer support, as well as provide incentives and recognition for good performance. In addition, it’s critical to maintain constant communication and transparency with your employees so they feel important. Utilize these recommendations at work, and your subordinates will be performing their best in no time. For help finding top talent contact Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment!
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