How to Attract Your Dream Candidate With Your Culture

September 11, 2019

Company culture can be the number one incentive — or deterrent — for a candidate considering a position at your firm. If you have a strong culture in place that aligns with most employees’ values, such as integrity, ambition, and respect, then you can use these to your advantage to attract top talent. Nevertheless, there are some aspects of company culture that are more important than others in obtaining your desired workforce. Below is a brief overview on how to attract your dream candidate with your culture

Meaningful Work

The culture that new hires enter should foster a value for passion-filled, purposeful work. Employees should feel as if their jobs matter, their contributions are valued, and their company allows them to be their best selves. If you establish norms of employee engagement and encourage people to find roles where they can feel most fulfilled, you are more likely to create a workforce that is loyal and committed. Communicate to your desired candidates that employees feel deeply connected to their work, they are passionate about their day-to-day activities, and they feel a sense of purpose through their career.

Priority of Professional Development

Managers should prioritize the professional growth of each of their employees. The culture should reward those who are proactive in discussing career advancement with their subordinates. In addition, the company should establish norms of regular meetings between employees and their bosses to discuss goals, position preferences, and ideas about how the company can improve. Similarly, managers should take a genuine interest in what their employees love — inside and outside of work — and make their subordinates feel as if their passions are important to them and the firm. Additionally, in order to breed a culture that focuses on professional development, those higher up should empower their employees to be ambitious by giving them challenging work. Let your workforce know that you believe in them by verbalizing your satisfaction with their performance and by assigning them significant responsibilities.

Transparency & Ethicality

Whether it’s implementing an open-door policy or setting up weekly one-on-ones with each of your subordinates, show your ideal candidates that you’re approachable and have nothing to hide. If you value your employees’ personal and professional ideas and goals, they will view you as a compassionate, trustworthy, and effective leader. In addition, by displaying an open mind in all discussions, you show your employees that you find their perspectives valid. Furthermore, it’s essential to exhibit the organizational priorities of integrity and exceptional performance through your actions; set a good example for new hires by relaying the importance of the firm’s ethical code through your behavior. Let your potential future employees know that your company seeks to obtain businesspeople of the highest standard — professionally and ethically.


In the midst of trying to attain new employees, it can be difficult to know which features of your company culture to highlight. While values such as competitiveness and creativity are important, there are norms that determine employee acquirement more than others. If you communicate anything to candidates about your culture, prioritize the value of meaningful daily work, individual employee development, and transparency and integrity of employee actions. In general, employees in all industries and professions value these company culture attributes. For help finding top talent contact Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment!

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