Advantages of Working With an AAFA Affiliate

July 31, 2019

What is AAFA? The American Association of Finance and Accounting is a network of recruiting firms that are independently owned in the United States and Canada, and acceptance relies on the professionalism and service quality of the recruiting organization. Pinnacle is Pittsburgh’s sole AAFA affiliate, and here we will explain the benefits of choosing one of these firms. 

National Presence

If you’ve been admiring your dream job from afar because of its location, the AAFA can aid you in getting there. With offices in more than forty major metropolitan cities and twenty-seven states in the United States, AAFA affiliates truly can make a difference in relocation. With the foundation of over 200 specialized recruiters, organizations in the AAFA can offer consistently high-quality services to clients, as well as provide local knowledge to those seeking opportunities near and far. 

Commitment to Excellence

As an AAFA affiliate, organizations in this network are held to a higher standard than traditional recruiting firms. Due to the rigorous screening and acceptance process, the AAFA boasts recruiters of only the highest caliber, conduct, and probity. Organizations in this network help accounting and finance employees find their dream positions across the U.S. With AAFA, you will find recruiters who act with integrity, serve their clients to the best of their ability, and can be trusted as experienced individuals. 


With an AAFA firm, the intentions of the recruiters are clear. Their job revolves around serving the candidate seeking a career advancement or the firm looking for the nation’s top talent. Since it is difficult to become an AAFA member, all firms must demonstrate consistently superior service to their clients. To exhibit their dedication to their customers, AAFA firms always work with the client or candidate’s best interest in mind. The end goal is to enhance the current situation of the job-seeker or the organization in need of employees; here, the customer is king!


Contemplating a career shift or an influx of new talent? An AAFA affiliate can help steer you in the right direction. With a presence all over the United States, a dedication to doing praiseworthy work, and a focus on the client’s or candidate’s needs, AAFA members provide recruiters of the highest quality to assist you with your plans. These recruiters can get you on your way to achieving your professional ambitions. 
More questions about national opportunities? Pinnacle is an AAFA affiliate, and can help you find the career you’ve been looking for! Contact us at or call today at 412-343-6300. 

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