Why You Might Consider Consulting Work For Your Next Career Step

May 1, 2019

Temporary positions are no longer universally viewed as a fallback option for full-time, permanent employment. In fact, temporary employment has now grown to over 19% of the collective workforce, with many using the opportunity to better position themselves for the line of work that they are seeking. Here are a few reasons to consider a consulting work as the next step in your career path:

It keeps you in your field

Sometimes, the prospect of temporary work within your field keeps you more on course than taking an irrelevant full-time position. Accepting a temporary position in your desired field means that you’ll be walking into a position of need, which means that you will likely be around until those needs have been met. This type of experience is productive, empowering, and most importantly relevant to building your skillset and bolstering your resume. Using temporary positions to remain active on your intended path helps build your narrative moving forward while sharpening your skills in the present.

It’s a foot in the door

If offers and interviews for permanent positions aren’t readily coming your way, a temporary placement can be a great audition for other work down the road. The number of people that you’ll work with during even a few weeks in your desired company will offer multiple valuable connections, and likely an avenue to explore once the duration of your stay is completed. If you’re having trouble getting an interview for a position that you desire, being seen by those you wish to surround yourself with can be greatly beneficial… and might even lead to an ‘internal’ hiring if the fit is there.

So you can try before you buy

Pivoting your career can be a daunting and exhausting process. After all the effort, stress, and uncertainty that you experience navigating your way through an occupational transition, it would be a nightmare to realize that all of that work led to a career you don’t even want. All too often, people stay at jobs they struggle with, or outright dislike, out of fear or reluctance to enter the job market again. A temporary position lets you kick the tires of a new career, and decide after a test drive if it’s the right long-term fit without the pressure to simply make it work.  

We’re here to help

At Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment, we have the knowledge and connections necessary to effectively place candidates in positions where the can be successful. Whether you are looking for permanent placement, or considering temporary work, our experienced staff is here to help. We encourage you to contact us, and let us know how we can be of service.

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