What Do I Need Interim Professional Resources For?

September 18, 2019

Interim Professionals, or contractors, are an excellent solution for your company when an extra boost is needed. From turnover to special projects, contractors can help. Here are some ways interim professional resources can be used:  

Special Projects 

Tax season? New contract? Extra work means longer hours and more stress. Hiring contractors can help projects get done quickly without interruption to your normal workflow. Additionally, projects that need specialized skills can be costly and keeping these skills in-house can come with a big price tag. Hiring contractors saves your company time and money on highly specific tasks that don’t need a full-time employee.  

Gaps in the Workforce 

It is important that employees feel supported at work. This includes maternity leave, extended vacations, and sabbaticals. In order to help keep your company running at full capacity while an employee is gone, contractors can carry the load. Unexpected turnover does happen in companies and finding the right fit to replace an employee takes time. An interim professional can help handle the work with little to no onboarding, so your business doesn’t have to slow down.  

Business Development 

As your business grows, challenges will arise. Upgrades to existing networks, founding new divisions, and handling new business can all slow down your daily routine. Hiring contractors to help set up new networks, work in new divisions, and help organize a plan forward can get you back on track. Interim professionals also help when your growth leads to a merger or acquisition. These can disrupt even the most efficient workplaces with legal and financial red tape. Accounting and finance contractors will integrate with your team before and after the event, helping keep the books right. 

For any of your contracting needs, contact Pinnacle Consulting & Recruitment. From CFO services to forensic accounting, our network of quality contractors can assist your company with any project. For questions or to find out more about our talent pool, contact us at 412-343-6300. 

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